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North Star Farms
P.O. Box 164
Carpio, N.D. 58725
(701) 720-2635

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21st Century Farm
hemp.jpgIndustrial hemp is combined on a Darlingford, Manitoba farm. Hemp is now legal, according to North Dakota state law, and several farmers have applied to grow it despite federal government restrictions.
North Star Farms represents a new generation of agriculture in North Dakota that includes high value crops such as fruits and vegetables. In addition to growing certified organic produce, this small farm is designed to protect the environment in the 21st century and enhance the use of green energy.

Renewable Fuels
E-85 and E-10 ethanol is used in vehicles and machinery in an effort to do our part to reduce dependence on foreign oil and to improve the environment.

Future Projects
We continue to strive to be a total electric farm. An environmentally friendly greenhouse that is warmed by passive solar energy, saw its first crop of seedlings in 2012 and continues into 2020. Each year we add more electric implements like mowers, chain saws and other hand tools.

Numerous species of trees, shrubs and flowers have been planted since North Star Farms first began in July 2004. Not only does that create a beautiful landscape and enhance the environment, it also invites wildlife and pollinators to share the neighborhood. Recycling and composting are practiced daily.

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