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North Star Farms
P.O. Box 164
Carpio, N.D. 58725
(701) 720-2635

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USDA Organic
usda-organic-seal.jpgThe Seal
The USDA Organic symbol has become familiar in American grocery stores, selected restaurants and farmers' markets. More importantly, it represents the best quality produce, having been grown without the aid of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.

Naturally Grown
North Star Farms practices its "naturally grown" slogan by implementing every method and procedure that is natural and environmentally friendly.

Certified Organic
North Star Farms became certified organic on Oct. 27, 2006 through International Certification Services Inc., an agency in Medina, North Dakota that is recognized around the world for its commitment to certified organic agriculture. Certified organic refers to inspection by an independent, third-party that ensures a farm complies with strict, national organic standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture. For our customers, it means our products are of superior quality. On Oct. 7, 2011, we were recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and presented with the Canadian Organic endorsement. The CFIA has continued to recognize our farm and its products each year since.

Our Guarantee
We are very proud to bring to you the best certified organic produce available in western North Dakota. We can guarantee that because we grow and harvest the products ourselves and deliver it the next day. None of it comes from other growers or is shipped across the country and 100 percent of it is certified organic. That, in turn, represents better flavor, longer storage time and less of a carbon footprint.

Our 2020 organic certificate will be displayed throughout the growing season for customers to inspect. 

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