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Marv's Blog
Water, a Precious Resource
Written by Marv Baker   
Thursday, 10 May 2007

With all this talk of global warming, there's a fear among scientists that the general public hasn't even grasped yet, at least not in the Midwest. That's how precious water is going to become the more the temperature rises.

This has been an issue in California, Nevada and Arizona a number of years already. People have been fighting over the water in the Colorado River, especially Los Angeles and Las Vegas. That leaves vegetable farms without irrigation and dairy farms without needed water to keep the barns clean.

Unfortunately, a similar situation is brewing in North Dakota. The Missouri River is becoming the same political football that the Colorado River became out west. And, as western North Dakota becomes hotter and drier, there is going to be less water for irrigation and recreation. Now, the city of Fargo has signed on to receive Missouri River water.

Many of us have seen the Missouri River and the shores of Lake Sakakawea continue to shrink. It's pathetic to see all that recreation and agriculture go down the tubes because of a lack of water.  And in a state like North Dakota that depends on agriculture to drive its economy, the lack of water is going to hit hard sooner than we think.

Fortunately for us, the water in the Des Lacs River is coming out of Saskatchewan, fed from streams in the Canadian Rockies. There isn't a lot of water left in the Des Lacs by the time it gets to Carpio, but it appears stable, which for us means an irrigation supply for our vegetables.

But, because Ilene and I are the environmentalists we are, we're going to build a drip system because they use 60 percent less water than flood or sprinkler systems. Yes, they are more expensive, but once that initial expense is paid, it will be a lot more efficient.


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