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Marv's Blog
Stupid smart phone
Written by Marv Baker   
Sunday, 19 December 2010

I never thought I could get so excited about a little eletronic gadget, but after Ilene and I picked up smart phones in Minot on Friday, it's about all that has occupied our time since then.

Our normal cell phones are going to be dicontinued in January so All-Tell, wrote us a letter to come in and get our phones replaced with these smart phones that do just about everything but combine grain.

Basically, this thing is a small computer that has features that is going to make it much easier to communicate with shareholders and customers. I also like the "walkie talkie" feature in which Ilene and I can talk to each other when she is at the house and I'm in the field.

But, there is a lot to learn. We've never been big on texting and have tried it for the first time on Saturday. I can see the fascination of it, but it's really hard to type letters on such a small keyboard. It does have an Internet feature that I really like and can download weather forecasts and the like.

Sure, the smart phone can do all these things but how do you call somebody? Turns out you have to push a "phone" icon and the phone keypad pops up on the screen and you can make your call.

I don't know, this technology is really going places. I've always been fascinated with having a vehicle that can burn either alcohol or gas, and now this smart phone comes along. 

It's going to take some getting used to because Ilene and I have both made mistakes and have deleted items and received items that we can't get rid of. We'll just have to keep working with it so we know it well before the growing season starts in March.

The one thing I really want to figure out is how this stupid smart phone can provide better customer service to our shareholders and farmers' market customers. When that happens, then I'll be satisfied that it was worth the extra money.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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